Community Broker Network (CBN) is a member of the Steadfast Group. The Steadfast Group is Australia’s largest broker network group comprising of 306 insurance brokerages, represented by over 500 offices (FY14) across the metro and regional areas of Australia and New Zealand. Steadfast Group’s size provides them with enormous buying power, and because CBN is a member of Steadfast we can pass on these benefits to you as an authorised broker of CBN. Through Steadfast, CBN has the ability to offer all our authorised brokers access to a broad choice of insurance products, exclusively built policies at a competitive price and a unique claims escalation process. Other benefits you get access to through CBN being a member of Steadfast include but are not limited to:

  • Superior access to markets
  • Industry leading sales tools & resources
  • Education & training
  • Multiple distribution capabilities
  • Exclusive policy wordings and specialised products
  • Wholesale operations

Collaboration among peers across all business channels