Business Pack

Business pack insurance helps to cover the main risks associated with running a business. Business owners can take comfort in knowing that their premises, stock, equipment and reputation are protected by insurance.

Business pack insurance can offer general protection which may include property damage, theft, costs of being audited by the ATO, employee dishonesty and loss of money, just to name a few.

Insight insurance can assist with finding the right cover so business owners can run their business with confidence knowing they have the right cover in place.


Rohan owns a shop in the city. One night a water pipe bursts, flooding the building and damaging his stock. Even worse, the building must be evacuated and renovated to repair all the water damage. This means that Rohan is unable to trade for six weeks.

Rohan’s business insurance covers the cost of the renovations. And, because he has business interruption insurance, he receives a payout to cover the income lost while he’s unable to trade.